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"SONA FIELD" a manufacturer and exporter of ceramic sanitary wares. SONA group takes pride in introducing itself as leading manufacturer of quality sanitarywares in India. Since its inception in 1992, it never looked back and emerged as quality torch bearer in the ceramic field. The success demands a strategic frame work of concerning challenges set up by the market into potential chance that ends into fruitful outcome.

It is an ISO Certified company having products conforming to ISI, the bureau of Indian standards. It also got honoured with a prestigious "National Award for Quality Products in SSI (Sanitaryware 2001)" by govt. of India. "Product Excellence Award", "Udyog Ratnaaward" is the other feathers of the crown. The vision of sharp insight maintained a steady accelerating growth rate in the fierce competition nationally and internationally.

Of late, more and more quality importers of different countries have become our clients off the shore and with the integrated national network, evenly we cater the ever growing whims of quality conscious customers by innovative, individualistic and niche oriented ideas. Our unflinching motto remains total consumer satisfaction, it is an area which have pledged never to compromise upon. Our products are beautiful wash basins, W.C., couple suits, pans and other accessories in amazing variety of shapes and sizes that adorn aristocratic abodes, enhancing decor in apartments and villas, where ascent is on beauty and style statement.

SONA field products tempt you to indulge in world of make believe, what you can inhibit your dreams, recounting expressions and inspirations.

Wash Basin
1046 Sleek Slim
Size: 440*340*195 mm
1007 Satin (Corner)
Size: 470*470*200 mm
1005 Satin (Small Corner)
Size: 360*360*210 mm
1006 Satin (Big Corner)
Size: 530*530*205 mm
1002 Soft
Size: 455*240*180 mm
Platform & Counter Basin

1036 Splendour
Size: 910*545*225 mm

1057 Suzlon (Counter Top)
Size: 540*485*210 mm
1040 Style (Counter Top)
Size: 570*405*215 mm
1053 Saffron (Counter Top)
Size: 610*470*220 mm
1035 Splendour
Size: 770*480*225 mm
Table Top & Bowl
1058 Sogo (Bowl)
Size: 415*415*190 mm
1038 Squadro (Round)
Size: 490*510*300 mm
1018 Superior (Bowl)
Size: 430*430*175 mm
1059 Sumo (oval)
Size: 545*410*185 mm

1056 Super Lotus (Bowl)
Size: 480*480*170 mm

Wash Basin & Pedestal Set
1022/1123 Salome Set
Size: 515*440*885 mm
1034/1134 Strom Set
Size: 555*540*900 mm
1020/1115 Swiss Set
Size: 565*460*835 mm
1030/1130 Swiden Set
Size: 585*460*925 mm

1022/1122 Salome Set (Half)
Size: 515*440*530 mm

Two Tone Rustic Series
Water Closet & Couple Suites
2034/2134 Suprim Gold
E.W.C Couple Suite

Size: 760*375*825 mm
2027/2126 Spice Gold 'S'
E.W.C Couple Suite

Size: 695*395*810 mm
2032/2132 Solomite
E.W.C Couple Suite

Size: 725*395*790 mm
2024-V Spice (Vent)
E.W.C 'S' Trap

Size: 585*355*410 mm

2053 Saple Wall Hung
Size: 485*335*380 mm

Pans & Urinals
3004 Urina Flat Black
Size: 440*355*265 mm
2077 I.W.C (Indian Pan)
Size: 585*355*305 mm
3002 Urinal Corner
Size: 270*270*345 mm
Orissa Pan
2001 Size: 550*430*220 mm
2002 Size: 580*440*300 mm

3010 'P' Trap Big
Size: 375*150*240 mm

3112 Smyle Paper Holder
Size: 150*150 mm
3107 Sun Soap Tray
Size: 150*150 mm
3103 Sweety Soap Tray
Size: 210*110 mm
3103 Super Soap Tray
Size: 215*115 mm

3111 Spacy SoapTray
Size: 330*170*140 mm